One of the most iconic 90s movie scenes showing a family traveling is the scene from Christmas morning on Home Alone. The shuttle van horn honks, waking the family up after their alarms have failed to go off. They should be up and ready to depart to the airport to fly from Chicago to France for the holiday. They rush through the head count to insure all family members are there and accounted for, only to realize when they get to France they are missing a member of their family. This is classic Hollywood, and hopefully that movie wouldn’t play out in real life. Be sure that your transportation is sound and take one big worry out of the equation on the day of a major trip.

While we can’t guarantee your alarm will go off the morning of a big trip, we can help you and your group arrive to the airport in style and luxury with great customer service and safety. CS Limo offers the best in limo service to and from the O’Hare, Midway or Milwaukee airports. Don’t settle when it comes to transportation for a large group.

Setting up reservations with us is quick and easy. Our service includes car seats, so you don’t have to worry about adding extra luggage if you don’t need to bring your own. During the reservation process, tell us when you need the ride, how many people will need a ride, the height and weight of any children and any other information we will need to know.