When you are planning a party that involves hiring a limo or car service in Chicago, it takes knowing a few tricks, especially if it’s your first time using a limo service. Don’t simply open the phonebook and call the first service you find. Do your research and find the best limo service for your event or occasion and your party size. You don’t have to go with any limo service, so know the questions to ask so you can be sure to have a fun night out on the town.

The last thing you want to have happen is to have to split up the party and have some members of the party cab it or sit with the driver up front because of poor planning. One question you should ask is to see how many people can fit in the cabin of their limos. For instance, companies will say that a standard 120’ limo will hold 10 passengers, but that includes the driver and a front passenger for this size of limo. However, a standard 120’ limousine can only accommodate 8 passengers in the back.

Depending on the limo service you higher, they will be able to accommodate your party and have a limo in their fleet that will work. Rather depending on the website, call and ask if they have a limo that will fit your party in the cabin. There are limos that range from 70’ to 200’ and can carry between 4 and 14 people in the back cabin (not including the driver’s bench seat). It’s worth double checking so you know you are reserving the right size vehicle to comfortably seat your party together. Asking this one clarifying question will save yourself a huge headache on the night of the party.