1. Don’t Split up your Party, Get the Right Sized Limo for your Party

    When you are planning a party that involves hiring a limo or car service in Chicago, it takes knowing a few tricks, especially if it’s your first time using a limo service. Don’t simply open the phonebook and call the first service you find. Do your research and find the best limo service for your event or occasion and your party size. You don’t have to go with any limo service, so know the …Read More

  2. Make a Great First Impression

    According to psychology, first impressions are very, very important. They get lodged in our brain and make a permanent impact that fact cannot change. Take that information and apply it to your professional life. Here are some tips for you to make a great first impression in your professional life. Be on time. Punctuality is king. Being late or being too early can hurt a first impression. Be comfo…Read More

  3. Ease your Mind When it Comes to Transportation for a Big Trip

    One of the most iconic 90s movie scenes showing a family traveling is the scene from Christmas morning on Home Alone. The shuttle van horn honks, waking the family up after their alarms have failed to go off. They should be up and ready to depart to the airport to fly from Chicago to France for the holiday. They rush through the head count to insure all family members are there and accounted for, …Read More

  4. The Beauty of your Wedding Day Can Extend to your Transportation

    When you reserve a limousine for a wedding in Chicago, you want to have the assurance that it will be there for every crucial transportation moment of your special day to get you to the church on time and the reception hall and wherever else you need to be. Don’t be left waiting at the curb. CS Limo is the full-service limo and car service for you. We have a whole fleet of cars and SUVs in addi…Read More